Antique treasure trove

Marylebone, London

Antique treasure trove

Join Mark Hill, expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, on a journey into the warren-like world of Alfies Antiques Market, London’s treasure trove of 20th-century design.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Mark is a true expert in all things collectable, and his passion is clear to see as he leads you through this gleaming grotto, introducing you to dealers, picking out bargains and sharing priceless advice.

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“Mark was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, ensuring that all questions could be asked without fear! This was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours and I would highly recommend to anyone with even a slight interest in antiques.”

– Linda P., July 2018

“Delighted with everything, your organisation was "spot on" and Mark was brilliant. I could go on for ages about how impressive Mark was in every aspect of helping us.”

– Graham S., July 2018
Mark Hill

Your insider

Mark Hill

Antiques expert

‘If you choose something you enjoy as a job, you’ll never work a day in your life’: it’s an adage we’ve all heard before, but there’s no question that antiques expert Mark Hill is living it. Devoted to antiques since childhood, Mark began his career working for illustrious auction houses like Bonhams and Sotheby's, where he handled everything from scientific instruments to Napoleon's glasses. He also owns his own boutique publishing company, and has worked on several well-known television programmes, including the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

Mid-century marvels, vintage posters and jewellery to rival the world’s bazaars… enter London’s most enchanting antiques market.

3 hours
Start Time
Tours run between the hours of 11:00 and 13:00
Call our travel specialists 24/7 on 1 800 464 2040 or contact us to find availability
Where you'll go
You’ll meet Mark at Alfies Antiques Market, chatting over coffee before making your way inside. Mark will guide you over the market’s four floors, introducing you to relevant dealers and helping you find the areas that interest you most.
What you'll sample
What you see and where you go will depend on you: Mark tailors the experience to your areas of interest, which could be a period, theme or particular school of design. If you’re redecorating your house, for example, he’ll help you find a knock-out mid-century table or art deco chair that’ll complete the room. You’ll also learn about the history of modern furniture design and learn what to look for when judging antiques.
Experience location
You’ll be meeting Mark Hill at a location within Alfies Antique Market; we’ll send you the details in your confirmation.