Galleries of the Lower East Side

Lower East Side, New York City

Galleries of the Lower East Side

Art-curating insider Stephanie Browne will be your navigator through the Lower East Side’s edgiest galleries and most talked-about exhibitions.

This completely customisable contemporary-art outing is suited to all sorts of art enthusiasts, thanks to vivacious Stephanie’s knowledge of both the neighbourhood and today’s cutting edge art scene. You’ll gain a new perspective on emerging artists and current trends, meet curators and gallery owners and develop your eye for modern art. 

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From $250 for 2 people

Stephanie Browne

Your insider

Stephanie Browne

Art curator

Stephanie Browne uses her artful eye to develop cutting-edge collections. A graduate of both UCLA and NYU, sharp-eyed Stephanie has worked as a gallery and studio manager and curated several award-winning exhibitions, including a show at the renowned Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. She now runs Browne Art Advisory, working with a network of artists, galleries, interior designers, architects and collectors. When she’s not curating contemporary collections, she’s leading gallery tours and breaking down complex exhibitions into approachable, enjoyable bite-size pieces.

Dive into the Lower East Side’s contemporary-art scene – bold paintings, inspiring installations, immersive exhibits and all.

3 hours
Start Time
Tours run between the hours of 14:00 and 17:00
Call our travel specialists 24/7 on 1 800 464 2040 or contact us to find availability
Where you'll go
There’s a head-spinning array of galleries in the neighbourhood; possible stops include Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Perrotin, Marc Straus, Company Gallery and Rachel Uffner. Stephanie will choose a selection depending on what’s showing and what you’re most interested in; she also likes to visit galleries she has a personal connection to – you may find yourself chatting with gallery owners, curators and artists along the way.
What you'll see
Your art-filled outing will be customised according to your preferences, pre-experience questionnaire and Stephanie’s insider knowledge of the hottest exhibits in the neighbourhood. You’ll start your tour with a chat over coffee before diving into the Lower East Side’s contemporary galleries. Throughout your experience, Stephanie will explain the background, process and context of the pieces, and encourage you to voice your opinions, likes and dislikes.
Experience location
You will be meeting Stephanie Browne at a coffee shop on Orchard Street; we’ll send you the details in your confirmation