Caves, ruins and rock pools

Cayo District,

Caves, ruins and rock pools

This action-packed tour will take you into Belize’s wild Cayo District to explore Río Frío’s cathedral-like caves, rove the remote Maya ruins of Caracol and cool off in crystalline rock pools.

Look beyond Belize’s sun-bleached coastline and you’ll find there’s more to this tiny nation than blue holes and barrier reefs. On this tour, ViaVenture will take you inland to Belize’s national forests for an adventurous all-day outing that will delight budding geologists, amateur archeologists and nature lovers of all ages.

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Your local guide will be from a team put together by an enterprising trio from the US, UK and Switzerland that has been running socially responsible and tailor-made experiences and tours in Central America since 2001. Fire away with the questions – your guide is guaranteed to have local, cultural and historical nous that’s second to none.

Indiana Jones would be forest green with envy at this architecture-and-action-packed day in Belize’s jungle

8 hours
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Tours run between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00
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Where you'll go
Your insider will take you into Belize’s tropical rainforest to explore the national parks and their secrets. First, you’ll visit the enormous Río Frío cave with its jaw-dropping 60-foot mouth and oodles of natural grandeur. Then, you’ll visit Caracol, one of the most impressive Maya historical sites in Central America and the largest in Belize. Brave souls can climb to the very top of the 130ft Caana (sky palace), where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic jungle and mountain vistas. On the way home, you’ll cool off back in the Río Fío pools.
What you'll learn
Banish ideas of bats and headlamps – the Río Frío caves are natural cathedrals with sandy beaches, plenty of light and a lazy river running through them. You’ll learn all about this looming limestone and how the Maya performed rituals and ceremonies inside. Next, you’ll venture to Caracol, but this lost world – which is still being excavated – might throw up more questions than answers. Like, how did this city of 150,000 thrive so far above sea level, without any bodies of water nearby? And what’s under that bump over there? Not into the Indiana Jones thing? How about Jurassic Park? Caracol is in the middle of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and your ViaVenture guide will be on the lookout for tapir, cougar, ocelot, jaguar, crocodile and orange-breasted falcon sightings. After a steamy day in the jungle, the cool Río Frío cave pools beckon, where you can jump in for some wild swimming before heading back to home base.
Experience location
You will be meeting in the Cayo District; we’ll send you the details in your confirmation.