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Environmental policy

We are constantly thinking of ways to develop our own eco policy, as we appreciate travel has an enormous impact on the environment. We hope that through the information and services we provide, we can in some small way help and minimise this. We always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


CARBON OFFSETTING We offset all of our research trips through Climate Care (, a company that doesn't just plant trees, but has a bulging portfolio of projects around the world, including bio-energy, wind-energy and rainforest-restoration schemes. Also, after a booking has been made on our website, the option is given to calculate your airmiles via Climate Care's carbon calculator, which you can then offset. It's easy to use: simply choose your flight's departure and arrival information and the calculator displays your CO2 emissions and the amount of cash you should contribute. While we appreciate this is by no means a solution, we are keen to acknowledge and take into consideration the effects of travel, and try and take responsibility.

BOOKS As well as watching our own office's greenness (recycling paper, using eco-friendly products, etc) we use sustainable paper sources for all our publications.

HOTELS We are currently compiling detailed information on each individual hotel's eco-friendliness (whether they use locally sourced and organic ingredients, ecological detergents and toiletries; were built with natural or locally sourced materials; participate in recycling schemes; are energy efficient; are involved in any land- or wildlife-preservation schemes; invest in the local community or employ local staff at every level, etc), which will be featured on the overview pages, and we will be launching a full section on the most eco-friendly hotels, later in the year.