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When to go

With 320 days of sun a year, and the lowest average temperature around 12 degrees in January, Marbella is pretty wonderful whenever you go.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest airport is Malaga | around 30 minutes away by car. There’s a toll road and a freeway | neither of which is straightforward to negotiate | particularly at night. A licensed taxi from the airport is around €50 | or ease into your holiday via a Merc or BMW from Skybus for a few euros more (book at the UK office on +44 (0)1243 784349; If you want to ham up the jet-set look | glide up to your hotel in a stretch limo from the Marbella Limousine Company (+34 618 640 100; | from €25 a person.
  • Trains

    There’s no direct rail link from Malaga airport to Marbella.
  • Automobiles

    You’ll probably find it’s not worth renting a car: the narrow Marbella streets are much friendlier to pedestrians than vehicles; signposting isn’t great; and traffic lights are positioned high up so you have to squint into the sun… There are buses from Malaga airport: see for timetables and details.
  • Taxis

    Cabs are cheap, but not always metered. Those that aren’t should carry an official book of rates, so check with your driver before you set off. Taxis display a green ‘libre’ notice or green light at night. You can ask your bar or restaurant to call one for you.

Marbella Club

Marbella Club

Marbella has been the famously chic playground of old-school, look-at-me Mediterranean glamour for decades, and Marbella Club is one of the biggest reasons behind its rep. Opened by playboy Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe in 1951, the shore-side resort (which includes a spa, beach club, golf course, botanical gardens and champagne room, naturally) still attracts the glitz-garbed international jet set and those who like to watch them at play. Although these days, a lot of the younger guests slope off to barefoot-luxe coast club Nikki Beach down the road when they’re tired of lounging on the pool terrace…

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