Luxury holidays in Girona Province

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When to go

Girona plays host to a mixed bag of local festivals. While May sees the city enveloped by botanical installations for the Temps de Flors, October welcomes the Fires de Sant Narcis, a decidedly more eccentric affair, where costumed demons sprint around the city with fireworks on their backs and groups of Castellers form human towers as high as the surrounding buildings. For those partial to a spot of sun lounging, Girona’s typical Mediterranean climate has you covered from March ‘till November.

Getting there

  • Planes

    A few European flights will land you directly at Girona-Costa Brava airport, though the closest international hub is Barcelona. Direct flights arrive here from all major cities in the UK, Europe and the US. By car, the journey from Barcelona takes around an hour, though public transport will get you there in 45 minutes. Take the Aerobús from the airport to Barcelona Sants station, then the 38-minute train to Girona AVE.
  • Automobiles

    Thrill-seekers will be tickled by the curvaceous GI-682, a scenic road with over 1000 bends. This white-knuckle coastal road stretches across 21km of beaches, mountains, forests and dramatic cliffs. Avoid driving through the old towns and villages, where roads can be narrow. Instead, park up just outside and make your way on foot.