Luxury holidays in Ahuriri Valley

When to go

Avoid the Ahuriri Valley in winter and early spring (from June to September), as these months bring heavy snows and thaws that can make the roads risky. Autumn in New Zealand falls in March to May; head to the valley then to see it ablaze with fiery-hued forests.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly in to Christchurch from the North Island then pick up a car for the four-hour drive – with the South Island scenery as en-route entertainment, of course. International flights connect via Dubai, South-East Asia and Australia, as well as Auckland.
  • Automobiles

    Driving is the best way to experience the super scenery of the Ahuriri Valley, but the rugged terrain warrants some serious horsepower – hire a four-wheel drive to roam the tracks and trails of the Conservation Park. Hit the Birchwood Road in your 4x4 and follow the Ahuriri River through the Valley – just be sure to watch for flooding – the roads are prone to wet-weather washouts.