Luxury holidays in Santa Fe

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When to go

Though Santa Fe is sunny year-round, temperatures dip to desert lows at night. For the best weather, visit in May and September. The town is hottest between June and August, but afternoon showers can roll in, so keep rain gear on hand. Take a day to adjust to the altitude: the high elevation can lead to shortness of breath.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The largest nearby airport is Albuquerque International Sunport, a 65-mile drive from Downtown Santa Fe. The airport serves Chicago (, Baltimore (, Los Angeles ( and other major airports. Just outside of town, Santa Fe Airport is a municipal airport serving Los Angeles ( and Dallas (, among other closer cities.
  • Automobiles

    Though Santa Fe is small enough to navigate without a car, most visitors fly into Albuquerque, and make the hour-long drive themselves. There is plenty of parking in town.