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Destinations in Morocco

  • Trek, quad-bike or let a camel do the legwork across the lunar-like dunes of Morocco’s Agafay Desert, the Atlas-shadowed adventure playground a short drive from Marrakech.
  • Marrakech gives a very European impression of Morocco. Head just few hours out of the city and you'll find a completely different atmosphere.
  • For all it has in common with other chilled-out seaside spots around the world – clean air, ocean-view restaurants – this old hippie hang-out is out there on its own as a surfer's paradise with a kasbah.
  • Mosques, medina, monuments and mountains – you’d be forgiven for thinking that all Fez’s charms begin with ‘m’.
  • Just south of Tangier on Morocco’s wild Atlantic coast, Larache is yet to be discovered by the hordes – which means you’ll have its rugged stretches of shoreline all to yourself.
  • Its blushing medina walls earn Marrakech the nickname of the Red City, but dive within and you’ll find a swirling rainbow of colour and culture.
  • Sleepy seaside village Oualidia sits on a crescent cove between Morocco’s Atlantic coast and a saltwater lagoon.
  • South of the High Atlas Mountains, this sunkissed stretch of dusty desert is broken up by sand-coloured kasbahs and palm-fringed fortified villages.

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