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The banks and business are well documented, but you won’t be prepared for the glorious beers and wine, emerald countryside, and more Michelin-starred restaurants than you can point a thüringer at (that’s a type of bratwurst, by the way). To seal the deal, consider the city’s visual drama: a Unesco-protected cliffside fortress, with the glittering Alzette river running through it, and a maze of mysterious underground tunnels. Nocturnal types will gravitate to the Grund area’s bars and restaurants like a sausage to sauerkraut. Finally, consider Luxembourg’s enviable connections: Paris, Brussels and Cologne are all within reach.
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When to go

Come in winter, if you like the thought of festive markets and mulled wine. In May, the city is mild and balmy and the lush foliage is in full bloom. Luxembourg quietens down in January and August.

Getting there

  • Planes

    It takes 15 minutes to drive from Luxembourg airport ( to the city centre. Luxair (, the national airline, flies mainly to European destinations including London, Munich, Paris and Zurich.
  • Trains

    Get to Luxembourg from Paris (two hours), Metz (one hour), Brussels (three hours) and Trier (43 minutes) with Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, or CFL ( The Eurostar shoots to Luxembourg from London, Paris or Brussels (; you can also get the TGV ( Gare de Luxembourg is 2km from the city centre.
  • Automobiles

    It takes just over three and a half hours to drive to Luxembourg from Paris (on the A4, or the A4 and A31); the drive from Brussels is just over two hours (take the A4 or E25). Hire a car with Avis ( It’s a great city to bring a car to, since roads are toll-free, and petrol is a tad cheaper than in neighbouring countries.
  • Taxis

    There’s usually a fleet of taxis at the main train station and airport, but keep City Taxis Centrale’s number (+352 48 00 58) in your phone for impromptu pick ups.