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When to go

Ah, the Mediterranean… temperatures in Corfu average around 25°C and rarely dip below 10°C, even in winter. May to October are the best months for visiting: the long summer months are milder than the Greek mainland, and the rest of the year tends towards the wet.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Catch a direct flight to Corfu International Airport from hubs across Europe, including London Gatwick and Luton.
  • Boats

    Hope on a ferry for trips the mainland Greece and the other Greek islands: the trip to Igoumenitsa on the mainland takes around an hour, or you can sail further south to Paxi, Kefalonia or Patras.
  • Automobiles

    Your own set of wheels is handy if you plan to explore the island, but the traffic (and a laissez-faire attitude many drivers have towards its laws) means driving in Corfu Town can cause a bit of a headache.