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Destinations in Croatia

  • Escape the summer Rovinj rush and revel in the solitude of Bale’s small town life, without straying too far from Croatia’s characteristic coves and cyan-cast shores.
  • Croatian coastal town Cavtat might be more diminutive – in size and stature – than capital Dubrovnik (a 30-minute drive away); but the latter was built by refugees from Roman Epidaurum – Cavtat’s ancient incarnation.
  • Lapped in azure waters, the Dalmatian coast is a pleasing mix of storied old towns and baroque natural landscapes, where the legacy of the Romans and Venetians linger on the back of the soft Adriatic breeze.
  • Dubrovnik is somewhere you’ll love to get lost. Wander though the weaving cobblestone streets that lead you from the city gate to Sponza Palace to the harbour, whose deep blue is just begging you to dive right in.
  • On the dreamy Dalmatian coast, the mediaeval charms of Šibenik include an Old Town tangled with steep stony streets, a Unesco-approved cathedral and, just off the coast, a sprinkling of idyllic islands that form the Kornati archipelago.

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