Discover boutique hotels at the Grand Canyon

When to go

Brace for peak crowds and temperatures from late May to early September. Opt for autumn for milder hiking weather and dwindling tourists – bonus: you’ll see the aspens in their fiery fall hues.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Where’s best to touch down depends on which rim you’re heading to. For Grand Canyon West, you’ll want to fly into Las Vegas – from there, it’s around two and a half hours by car. If you’re aiming for the South Rim, Phoenix is your best bet, then buckle up for a four-hour desert road-trip.
  • Automobiles

    It’s a doable drive from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Albuquerque. Some starting points are better than others, depending on which area you’re aiming for, but the journey from each city to most points around the canyon is no more than a few hours. Hire a car at the airport if you want to explore different rims; otherwise, you should be able to arrange transfers with your hotel.