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Once the summer getaway of choice for the well-heeled families of the 19th-century Northeast, Newport today lures historians, cool-hunting collectors and sailors to its shores. Each of the history-rich mansions along Bellevue Avenue offers a glimpse into the glamorous – and sporadically scandalous – lives of the Gilded Age elite. Mark Twain dreamed up the description of Newport's luxe-loving denizens in his satirical indictment of blue blooded society. A cool combination of culture, lore and architecture, Newport's seaside charm has inspired powerful politicos – John F and Jackie Kennedy married here – artists and novelists such as Edith Wharton. Even though it's the smallest state of the union, Rhode Island manages to pack in 400 miles of sparkling sandy shoreline. Explore craggy coves, sail the seas and soak up the bewitching natural beauty of this New England charmer.

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