Discover hotels within three hours of New York City in Jersey Shore, United States

On Jersey Shore’s buzzing boardwalks, sand-dusted beach bunnies in bikinis and shorts are as abundant as the saltwater taffy and candyfloss stands tempting tourists. Suntanned locals sit outside their stores, perched in beach chairs and hawking their goods, and arcade managers as theatrical as ringmasters announce the glittering prizes that await in the casinos. Take a breather from this swarm of kitschy carnival amusements though, and another side to the seaside resort comes into view: restored Victorian houses pepped up with pastel hues, authentic seafood joints and clusters of Italian restaurants (Jersey Shore has a sizable Italian-American population) serving up perfect pasta and pizzas. Discerning day-trippers fresh from the New York/Philadelphia commute enjoy tacos and mojitos in restaurants so peaceful, the crash of the surf provides a soundtrack to dining. To be simultaneously sparkling and serene is something few places can negotiate, but at the Shore, nothing’s out of reach.