Discover the best budget boutique hotels in Hunter Valley, Australia

When 18th-century settlers first landed in New South Wales, they made sure they brought some grape vines with them. Thanks to such forethought, the Hunter Valley is now Australia’s most famous viticultural centre, with more than 120 wineries producing dozens of varieties – with semillon taking the starring role. Just two hours’ drive from Sydney, the slopes of the Lower Hunter are home to the highest concentration of vineyards and are peppered with dinky market towns such as Branxton and Lovedale, and quaint rural idylls such as Wollombi, which, with its colonial architecture and welcoming 1930s ethos, is like stepping into a postcard from the past. As you’d expect from a celebrated wine region, the quality of the food has developed to match the drink, and you’ll find some very fine dining indeed in the Hunter Valley’s smattering of elegant restaurants.