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Bikaner has a princely past: it was founded in the 15th century by Rathore regent, Rao Bikaji – from whom the city took its name. You don’t have to stretch your imagination too far to envision regal courts parading down the palace-lined streets; if you need a little help, visit one of the Prachina or Ganga Government museums which are filled with artefacts and trinkets from days gone by. Built in a rose-coloured sandstone, Bikaner is filled with grand palaces and havelis with lush lawns and fountain-filled courtyards, impenetrable forts with magnificent mosaics, and ornately-carved temples dedicated to Hindu gods; the most famous of which, and not to be missed, is the Deshnok Karni Mata Temple. However, the locals place their adoration in the native camels too; the furry beasties enjoy quite the reputation here. Visit in January for the Camel Festival where you can watch the beloved dromedaries and their riders parade the streets bedecked in vibrant fabrics with multi-coloured, pom-pom-strung bridles. There are also races, dances, milking and acrobatics competitions, and camel beauty-pageants – step aside Miss Universe, there’s a new beauty in Bikaner and we hear she’s got high humps…

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