World's sexiest bedroom

A room ripe for seduction needs to do more than get the basics right: the hotel you think is home to the World's Sexiest Bedroom will pull out all the stops to light your fire. There's no stinting on quality; the lighting is just-so; maybe the minibar has a few fun extras, or the view's a corker.

Winner: Joali, Maldives

Our judges say 'The Maldives resort rulebook has been boldly thrown away here by Joali’s expert designers, and the pinnacle of their extraordinary vision is the Sunset Water Villa. The sunset, as you might imagine, is a souvenir I’ll carry with me for years to come'.

Can Bordoy, Palma

Decadence and romance go hand in hand, and Can Bordoy is fully decked in lavish flourishes. Things get touchy-feely in the Premium Suites, where strokable materials reign. Pull a thick velvet curtain around the king-size bed to create a sumptuous cocoon. Billowing curtains, gilding, marble and crackling floorboards add to its sensory lures, there’s a curvaceous soaking tub conveniently close to the bed and an on-call butler will fetch anything your heart desires.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Rovaniemi

There’s no better embodiment of the phrase ‘love nest’ than Finland's Arctic Treehouse. The appropriately named ArcticScene Suites, in spare-everyone’s-blushes seclusion among the trees, are pure-as-the-driven-snow white, with seductive Scandi touches: yielding furs and fleeces, dainty sprigs of wildflowers and, of course, your own two-person in-room sauna and soaking tub (each with floor-to-ceiling windows for Arctic views, natch). There’s also a private patio with a wood-burning stove, ideal for late, late nights out with warmed spiced wines.

Under Canvas Zion, Utah

Under Canvas Zion is a boutique hotel in tent form and, in its Stargazer Tent, couples don’t have to settle for just a moment under the night’s sky. These canvas-covered abodes come with a sky-window above the king-size bed so you can take in celestial sights from beneath the sheets. But the day-to-day is pretty magical too – an ensuite bathroom and wood-burning stove certainly help – with Zion National Park’s, tree-lined bluffs, sheer sandstone cliffs and hidden emerald springs waiting outside your door to be discovered.

The Outpost, Kruger National Park

Whether you’ve actually just tied the knot or you’re living in a perpetual state of bliss, the Honeymoon Space at the Outpost – a 12-suite hotel set in South Africa's most awe-inspiring national park – is ideal for any duo seeking alone time. Wild by day and night, the suite has retractable screens for uninterrupted 180-degree views of bushland and the Luvhuvu River. You can commune with critters from your outdoor terrace or just flop on its day-beds; a bath tub in the bedroom and an open-air shower offer the thrill of enjoying nature while au naturel.

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World's Sexiest Bedrooms award criteria


Sometimes, size does matter: a small bed is a deal-breaker in this category. Crucially, it has to be super-comfortable and dressed for the occasion, whether you favour billowing drapery, crisp snow-white cotton or tactile, top-quality linen.


No stone has been left unturned here to ensure a great experience: the amenities are inspired, the minibar is thoughtfully stocked, and the bath is big enough for two.


Could you happily hole up here for a weekend? Is this somewhere you can shut the door and feel entirely alone together – a romantic retreat in the truest sense?


Does this room have that indescribable special something? The World's Sexiest Bedroom will have you falling in love – it's good-looking, has bags of personality and is a natural charmer. GSOH is an appealing extra.


The best hotel rooms don't reveal everything straight away: they surprise you with alfresco showers, shutters that hide gob-smacking views, or cabinets containing top-notch tech.


Even if your tastes are minimal, a sense of decadence is still important. Are the finishes luxurious? The fabrics refined? Does something special draw your eye (other than your other half)?