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What is Smith & Family?

What is Smith & Family?

Smith & Family is our collection of child-friendly hotels, guesthouses and family resorts selected and approved by parents.

As Mr & Mrs Smith, we’ve been travelling the world in search of the best boutique hotels for a decade now. But, as surely as summer follows spring, all those romantic weekends have meant that, for some of us, there are now a few mini-Smiths to factor into the equation. 

Smith & Family is our response: a hand-picked, anonymously reviewed collection of the world’s very best child-friendly hotels and family stays, every one of them selected and approved by parents we trust. We've appointed a trusty parent panel from our insider address book of stylish and travel-savvy families. These discerning and demanding mums and dads help curate and road-test our new collection. The criteria are simple: it's got to be fun for the kids, great for the grown-ups and guarantee a memorable time for families as a whole. If a property doesn’t get the thumbs-up from our team of seasoned family travellers, it simply won’t be included.

Family holidays should be an escape from the stresses of everyday life – which is only possible if you’re confident you can switch off and unwind. As parents ourselves, we know that travelling with children can be an adventure (to put it mildly); we know that the needs of babies, toddlers and teens are very different, and we know what makes a great family hotel.

Our in-the-know guides to each hotel don’t just tell you how much a babysitter costs and whether your kids will be allowed in the restaurant; we also give you a parent’s-eye-view of things to do, on-site and off, recommend the ideal rooms to book en famille, and let you know which ages the hotel is best for.

And, of course, we know that parents appreciate their downtime, so we also share our tips on what you can get up to while the little Smiths are enjoying the kids club or safely tucked up for the night.

You can book online, or by ringing our dedicated Smith24 team. We guarantee the best room rates available at the time of booking, and, because we give you a free BlackSmith membership when you first book, you’ll get money back and added extras with every single Smith & Family stay.

This is our new baby and she's still got some growing up to do, so we'd love to hear what you think of her so far. Please email us with any feedback you'd like to share.